Education programme at Nagayalanka for 2018

Funded by Divi Seema Foundation Cost for year: £2,350.00

Details supplied by Sr Sahayam, Director CARD

Orphan Children Details

1.     Ms Pressanna: She is of 16yrs old girl. She lost her parents at the age of 9 and her grant parents are look after her. Since the grant parents are very old and not able to earn their livelihood. They are able to give her shelter and food. Our Ngo came forward to help her to study with the help of generous people like you. Now she is studying her college that is training her to be a teacher for two teachers. After her studies she will be able to work as teacher and live her life.

2.     Mr. Vijay: He is 17 yrs of age. He lost one of his parents at the age of 5 and another on 10 yrs. He is looked after by his grant mother who is aged and not able to do any work. CARD Ngo came forward to help him to educate. He is doing his B.Commerce degree. We have to pay his college fees, Transport to reach collage, Uniform, Other materials for studies.

3.     Ms. Kavya: She lost her mother at the age of 7yrs and father after a year. Now she is 15 yrs old and doing her 10th standard. Since no one there to look after her, she is placed in the hostel. Once in awhile one of her aunt goes and sees her. Ngo  look after her from a to Z that is her daily maintenance, Uniform, other clothes, School fees, Hostel fees, Educational Materials, etc

4.     Ms. Sailaja: She is doing her collage studies. Her parents died when she was 5 yrs of age. She has her grant mother who is able to give her food and shelter. We educate her and pay collage fees, Transport charge, Dress, etc with the help of you.

5.     Mr. Sandeep: He lost his parents one after the other when he was 3 yrs old. His grant parents were educating him till 10th standard. Now he has to go for higher studies which will assure his job after some time. We came forward to help him to continue his studies and he need to pay his Collage fees, Transport expense, Educational Materials.

6.     Ms. Supriya: She is very clever and smart. Since no parents she is struggling to continue her higher studies so that she will be able to stand on her feet after her studies. With your help we will be able to pay her Collage fees, Educational materials, etc

7.     Mr. Hemath Kumar: He is of 15 yr old boy. He lost one of his parents at the age of 11 and another at the age of 12 yr. Nobody is there to look after him. He is studying in 9th standard and faring well. Our Ngo helps him to continue his studies by paying school fees, educational materials, new uniform and formal dress, etc.

8.     Mr. Dharshanth Sai: He is of 11yr old boy. Both parents died of cancer and kidney problem when he was 4 yrs old. Only Grant mother is there to look after him and she is very old and sickly. So we came to extend our help o this boy . We have to pay school fees, Educational Materials, uniform, Transport fees, other clothes etc.

9.     Mr. Charan Sinthu: He is of 5yrs old doing his UKG and grant father look after him. We came to help this boy by joining him into school, paying school fees, educational materials, Books uniform and van fees, etc.

10.  Ms. Namitha: She is doing her 9th standard. She lost her parents very early age. Her grant mother is looking after her. We help her with all that she is in need. School fees, uniform, dress , etc

Handicapped Children

1.     Ms. Ramya Sri, 18 yrs, doing her degree, legs and hands are handicapped. Help them for education.

2.     Ms. Pandidra, 9 yrs, was affected by polio and lost her speech, doing her 4th standard. Help them for education.

3.     Mr. Sai Dejesri, 16yrs, was affected by Polio, not able to walk properly but with the help of others, doing his college and need  help.

4.     Mr. Seetha Ramauture, 16 yrs, was affected by Polio and doing his degree and need educational help.

5.     Ms. Lakshmi Bhavani, 15yrs, doing her 10th was affected by Polio. She is very intelligent want to study so asking for help.

6.     Mr. Chandu: 14yrs doing his 9th standard not able to walk but manages with the help of others. Need to study.

7.     Mr. Udhya Parvathy, 15yr old, taking training in teaching, little difficulty in walking and very much need help for education.

8.     Mr. Gopichandu, 14 yrs, was affected in his leg, doing his 9th standard and want to do something in life. Asking for help.

9.     Mr. Naveen, 15 yrs, affected by polio and studying well, want to continue his higher studies with your help.

10.  Mr. SivaSlailendra Babu, 16yrs, doing his collage, affected by polio and need educational help from you.

Educational help to Widows Children

1.     20 widows’ children of our area are helped for higher studies, so that they will have some job in the future.

Children’s Parliament:

            Children are motivated to right values and standard way of living. So we have organized groups to develop their knowledge, skills in leadership, talents and sports. We have 8 groups in 14 villages. Teachers gather them once a week and in holiday times. We see lot of improvement in their behavior and clarity in their studies.