If you wish to contribute to the Divi Seema Foundation or learn more about its work, contact Peter Winchester at


  • £5000 p.a. for 5 years will expand the number of savings groups and ensure the add-ons of education and medical help
  •  £1000 will provide one off matching grants for up to 20 women’s savings groups
  •  £1000 will top up revolving loans to savings groups  (buffaloes, leasing land for vegetable growing, sewing machines)
  •  £400 will provide salaries for 4 coordinators working with savings groups
  •  £200 will provide some free medical help for savings groups members
  •  £300 will provide salaries for the requisite number of nursery school teachers and books and other equipment
  •  £500 can renovate and equip one building in a village that could be used as nursery schools and/or dispensaries
  •  £500 will provide books and clothes for pupils beyond nursery school
  •  £250 will provide 5 scholarships a year for children from age group 12 to 15 in English Medium
  •  £450 will provide salaries for 3 sewing teachers
  •  £300 will provide salaries for 5 assistants in Children’s Parliaments